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RhEACH is a technical support and policy translation initiative to amplify rheumatic heart disease control efforts locally, regionally and globally. We aim to identify, describe and disseminate solutions for this neglected disease and to reduce burden on vulnerable populations around the world. As a collaborative organization, we partner with a broad range of stakeholders - including clinicians, other disease communities, academics, funders, governments, industry and people living with RHD - to achieve our common goals.


Global control of RF and RHD is eminently achievable. Comprehensive register-based programs have already effectively reduced the burden of RF/RHD at a reasonable cost in disparate geographic settings. The drugs and technology needed for successful control programs date from the 1950s yet remain inaccessible to many in need.  Freeing  young people from RHD and its complication of heart failure, arrhythmias, stroke and endocarditis could be achieved with existing knowledge. 

 The persistent burden of RF and RHD demonstrates that comprehensive approaches to disease control are not being delivered to populations in need. Outstanding needs for disease control have been the focus of a number of publications and conversations and include:

  • Raising the profile of RF/RHD      
  • Describing and delivering excellence in care
  • Amplifying the voice for people living with RHD      
  • Supporting advances in the standard of care
  • Mobilizing governments              
  • Supporting basic science and clinical research

The aggregation of these gaps and missed opportunities makes it clear that the challenges in RF/RHD control are principally implementation gaps, not knowledge gaps. Although understanding of the interplay between RF/RHD, health delivery and socioeconomic development remains imperfect there is enough knowledge to make a real difference to disease burden - today. Addressing the outstanding needs in disease control efforts provides the impetus for forming RhEACH. 

RhEACH's core business is identifying, collating and disseminating information, and providing support to those working in-country, to provide clear and consistent messages for RHD control. Where knowledge does not exist, RhEACH generates policy focused research to support program implementation. RhEACH seeks to magnify the efforts of clinicians, funders, governments and policy makers as they tackle this disease. Critically, RhEACH works to support individuals, families and communities living with RHD to share their experience and to be become advocates and leaders for disease control.

 RhEACH focuses in three key domains:

  • Collating & disseminating information
  • Technical support for RHD control programs and service providers.
  • Policy focused research to inform disease control efforts

We are proud to be a founding global partner of the RHD Action Alliance, alongside the World Heart Federation and Medtronic Philanthropy.