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Collating & Disseminating Information

RHD website

RHD control efforts have accelerated in recent years, necessitating a unified, dynamic website to reflect emerging frontiers of best practice. is the global online home for the RHD community and collaborators. RhEACH was the lead organization in the build of launched on World Heart Day, September 29, 2015

Atlas of RHD     

The Atlas of RHD provides an opportunity to collate national burden of disease data, disease control activities, experiences of living with RHD and advocacy efforts in unified, visually striking format.     

RhEACH is the lead organization in the data collation and development of the RHD Atlas hosted on

Policy briefs    

Achieving RHD control requires a multi-modal approach; the complexity of the problem and the breadth of approaches can be challenging to condense and articulate.     

RhEACH summarizes existing knowledge and recommendations into readily accessible briefing notes.

Identifying overlaps    

RHD shares challenges and opportunities with a number of other disease communities, including child health, maternal mortality efforts, non-communicable diseases and other conditions using BPG.     

RhEACH is mapping programmatic and advocacy overlaps to explore opportunities for shared projects.