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Policy focused research

Endemicity elimination

No consensus on definition for ‘endemic’ or ‘highly endemic’ incidence/prevalence of RF/RHD exists.     

RhEACH is working to define proposed thresholds for RHD control and functional elimination.

Estimating the country prevalence of RHD

Few countries have access to population level data on the burden of RHD. Using routinely collected data to estimate the burden of disease makes country-specific burden of disease efforts possible.     

RhEACH will support development of an assessment tool to draw on routinely collected data to provide an evidence-based estimate of population burden.

Estimating the global burden of RHD

Reliable data on the incidence, prevalence, mortality and economic impact of RHD is needed to inform priority setting by governments and other stakeholders.

RhEACH is working to collate different methodologies into an agreed approach for quantifying global impact RHD.