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Technical support for RHD control programs

Needs Assessment Tool

RHD control requires an evidence-based framework for describing, designing, implementing and evaluating comprehensive control programs.

RhEACH is working with RHD Action Global Partners to develop a Needs Assessment Tool to identify and initiate RHD control opportunities.

Support for control programs

Independent technical advice for organizations or individuals developing RHD control programs accelerates robust, evidenced based initiatives.     

RhEACH provides a document review service for prospective RHD control programs and fosters longer term mentorship between peer programs.

Benzathine penicillin G supply

Access to BPG is the bedrock of secondary prevention programs and RHD control efforts. Currently, too few people have access to this essential medicine.

RhEACH is working to better define the BPG market and understanding of procurement, quality and purchasing issues. The Global Status of BPG Report was launched at WCC in June 2016.

Vaccine development

Candidate vaccines for acute rheumatic fever are the subject of active research.

RhEACH is exploring opportunities to reduce delays in delivering a market-ready rheumatic fever vaccine.